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2 hours | $550

Nerf Wars Challenge is taking birthday parties to the next level, with an exciting, thrilling and fun filled experience you will not forget. Nerf dart tag is a huge success all over the world and with the guns firing foam bullets it’s completely safe and is guaranteed for you to have a great time. Nerf Wars Challenge is suitable for the ages of 6 and above and we will make the parties run smoothly and stress free. All the equipment is supplied and with our battle ground being inflatable we can arrange it to fit most size halls, but the bigger the hall the better. We are based in Central FL and will cater for the surrounding area, but we must charge a small extra fee if you wish us to travel further than our normal area.


Foam Party

2 hours | $550

Ready for summer fun and a way to make your party better than the rest? Have a party that nobody else has ever had, throw a Foam Party from All41Events Foam parties are sure to create memories that last a lifetime. Foam Parties are fun for ALL ages & abilities. There is no better way to beat the heat than being covered from head to toe in refreshing foam!


Archery Tag

2 hours | $550

The archery games involve a series of different events and activity, with something for all ages, sizes and ability! Each player will be awarded points for each game. Points vary for different games. There are no safe zones in the following versions of Archery Tag, so you are allowed to move anywhere on the field. If you are within 10 feet of an opponent, you must call out for them to “surrender


Gel Blaster Wars

2 hours | $550

Gel blasters are often compared to airsoft and paintball guns, but aside from the kind of ammo they use, these options also differ in how they shoot projectiles.
Paintball and airsoft guns use expanding or pressurized gas to shoot projectiles through the barrel. On the other hand, gel blasters use batteries to propel water beads up to 100 feet. This makes it less painful to get hit by a gel blaster because there is less force behind the impact.
And since gel blasters use batteries to shoot projectiles, many models are rechargeable so you won’t have to spend a fortune on new batteries every time they run out of juice.


Bubble Soccer

2 hours | $550

Come and try out the hottest new game sweeping the nation! Put yourself in a giant ball and start to bounce off others and the ground as you maneuver your way to the goal. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced and perfect for all levels of athleticism. . Ever imagine yourself on an episode of American Gladiators? This is about as close as it gets! Book your party now!

  • Every Guy/Gal for himself, stay on your feet
  • Get knocked off your feet, You’re Out!
  • Last Guy/Gal standing Wins!!!



Water Tag Wars

2 hours | $550

This fun-filled tag game is a total blast for serious backyard water warriors! Competitors each strap on a Water Tag vest and gear up to elevate water battles to a new level. The rules are pretty simple: Blast your opponent to fill the water gauge on their vest before they fill yours. Extreme Water Tag includes two adjustable vests and two high-performance 12″ Stream Machine TL-600 shooters, with 70-foot shooting range. Vests adjust to fit just about any size, for family fun at the beach, the park, camping, or in the yard. For ages 10 and up. Sizes: Vest one size fits most, Shooter 12″


Laser Tag

2 hours | $550

No matter which age group, your party can take advantage of our outdoor facility , supplies, and exciting game-play with our staff. They will be sure to be talking about this birthday party for a long time ! Don’t forget we come to you.
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