Welcome to the home of All 41 Events . Dedicated to create a way for parents to network in a recreational environment with events, creating family friendly entertainment with their families. The name came to fruition from the untimely loss of a high school football team mate who succumbed to Cancer. His sports jersey number was “41”


what we offer

We will video and take photos  of  your party 

Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars Challenge is taking birthday parties to the next level, with an exciting, thrilling and fun filled experience you will not forget.

Gel Blaster Wars

Gel blasters are often compared to airsoft and paintball guns, but aside from the kind of ammo they use, these options also differ in how they shoot projectiles.

Virtual Escape Rooms Team Building

Each team will join a call, where they will be briefed on their mission by their host. They’ll be exploring the room through a Game Guide wearing a live camera feed inside one of our physical escape rooms!

Foam Party

At All41Events, we specialize in turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences, and what better way to do that than with our Kids Foam Party Fun service?

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Dedicated to sports and creating a way for professionals to network

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